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Stellent Solutions works with some of the best products on the market today, backed by a talented international team of experts who bring tremendous resource and expertise to your project. Our Business Intelligence solutions are effective and full featured, providing you with a wealth of tools that allow you to manage your business operations more effectively, more quickly and more productively.

Best of all, our solutions offer you faster time to market and a reduced cost of ownership, regardless of your industry.

For example, we have developed solutions for manufacturing clients, helping them improve production processes, manage suppliers effectively, manage critical sales and marketing information, create just-in-time production information to assist with operational decisions at the manufacturing level and improve financial analysis through integrated, real-time data.

Stellent Solutions has helped insurance companies revolutionize their operations, helping them improve analytical reporting through scalable, adaptable BI architecture, consolidate business views across product and service lines, improve customer and regulatory reporting and improve customer and agent service.

Financial services have also benefitted from our BI services. We have worked with companies to achieve data integrity, create secure, single point access customer dashboards, improve the quality of credit portfolio systems for client products and customers, and institute effective sales management.

Regardless of industry, we use best of breed BI tools and technologies that are then customized to your exacting specifications. In developing and implementing these tools, we can offer you a proven onsite, onshore and offshore model to deliver your project on time and within budget, following stringent quality assurance procedures that result in an effective solution that will exceed your expectations.