Web Technology

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The Internet today is much more than Web pages and email. It has matured into a major player in business strategies, from increasing sales through ecommerce solutions and reaching out to new customers through online marketing strategies and social networks to new online applications that are replacing traditional hard-drive based ones.

Understanding how the Web is transforming small to medium sized businesses is not a haphazard undertaking. It requires experience, knowledge and know-how to create business solutions that take full advantage of current and future Internet capabilities.

At Stellent Solutions we have been on the leading edge of Internet innovation since it first became popular. We have constantly assessed new concepts, brought new technologies to the mainstream market and maintained the highest levels of quality standards that have led our clients to achieve their online business goals and objectives.

Our solutions have run the gambit from business-to-business solutions to the seamless integration of the Internet into internal systems, software and applications. Projects have included online customer relationship management applications and inventory control systems to ERP systems integration with Web applications and complete web-enabled legacy systems.

Our suite of services include:

  • Architecture design
  • SOA consulting
  • SAAS services
  • Portal and content management
  • Web 2.0
  • Workflow and business process management
  • Verification and validation services
  • Enterprise value chain integration
  • Performance engineering and enhancements
  • Security and user management

Our Web solutions bring together expertise in middleware integration, application servers, portal development frameworks, and content management solutions, based on the latest technology platforms such as Microsoft .NET and J2EE. We can also develop open source solutions to meet specific client demands.