Supply Chain Management

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In today’s world, business demands are changing constantly and these changes affect the entire supply line, from suppliers to clients and everyone in between. Optimizing the supply chain and automating its operations is key to reducing costs, keeping inventories at profitable levels and compressing the entire supply and distribution process so that it is more responsive and efficient.

Stellent Solutions is an experienced partner in designing and implementing effective supply chain solutions for its clients. We have years of experiencing in designing, developing and implementing supply chain management systems that provide real time integration with back office ERP applications and other key business systems.

We offer our clients a range of proven applications from all the leading vendors, including SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and J.D. Edwards. These systems can be seamlessly integrated with the Internet to build real time frameworks that connect you with your suppliers and partners.

As a leader in supply chain management technologies, Stellent Solutions has a proven track record of success in implementing solutions for small and medium sized businesses that need to update and upgrade their systems to be more competitive, more efficient and more effective in the marketplace.

Our supply chain management consulting services include:

  • Evaluation and implementation
  • Post-implementation, including maintenance, recording and integration
  • Data migration and upgrade